Website services

We develop the custom applications that static website can’t do.

  • Amazon AWS EC2 hosting.

  • Reliable Linux LAMP stack servers.

  • PHP-based CMS customizations.

Smartphone apps

Native mobile app experience, the UI/UX that users pick up quick.

  • Native Android apps.

  • Native iOS apps.

  • Custom support portals.

Decentralized apps

Future proof your application with cryptographic blockchain based immutable smart contracts.

  • Solidity on Ethereum blockchain

  • Plutus on Cardano blockchain.

  • Solana blockchain apps.

Internal Operations

Custom web-based internal operations systems for your unique business flows.

  • Internal web-based operations.

  • Secure office collaboration for WFH.

  • Integration with 3rd party APIs.

Startup Consulting

Help brainstorm your startup business idea potential.

  • Competitor landscape analysis.

  • Market potential analysis.

  • Monetization strategies.

Patent Writing and Submissions

Protect your unique idea with a technology patent.

  • Technology patent search.

  • Claims and Patent writing.

  • Submission to USPTO.

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