Holly Paulus
Owner, Nexxa Group, Inc.
“Alex is a very knowledgeable developer with superior communication skills that are key when you are developing new innovative systems within a tight timeline. He has an incredible work ethic, responds very quickly to requests and offered suggestions for possible solutions. If a challenge arose unexpectedly, with tenacity he would work to resolve it. He is easy to talk with, easy to work with and dedicated to customer satisfaction. I can’t say enough great things about Alex. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”
November 14, 2019

Natalie Blacher
Principal, NFB Consulting
“Alex Yamane worked with me for close to two years on a contract for the Food & Drug Administration. He developed a very complex database that allowed users to create both high level and detailed customized reports. Alex’s contributions were absolutely critical to the success of the project and to ultimately exceeding our client’s expectations. Throughout our time working together, Alex impressed me with his incredible work ethic, positive attitude, and the ability to solve unexpected challenges. He was relentlessly committed to producing high quality results and ensuring the utmost accuracy. Alex has the rare ability to translate very technical data into clear and concise information for multiple users. It is my privilege to very enthusiastically endorse Alex Yamane.”
April 17, 2019

Mike Lien
Marketing Manager, Deepcool
“Alex’s dedication towards TC has always been exemplary. He has wonderful work ethic, responding within a short time frame and always provides a working solution before resolving the issue quickly. I would recommend him to anyone who needs support. “
March 3, 2019

Lynn Epstein, MS, SLP-CCC
Owner, Clinical Director at Laguna Beach Language & Speech Clinic
“Alex demonstrated great knowledge and expertise when I hired him to design software for my first educational application, How Do You Know?. He was professional, easy to work with and dedicated to customer satisfaction. I am very pleased with the results and the time frame it was completed. I would definitely recommend Alex T. Yamane.”
July 30, 2014

Bob Bilbruck
CEO, B2 Group
“Alex is a wonderful professional to work with and has a great mix of abilities between business savviness and technical skill. He is and remains a important part of our team and I could not recommend him higher.”
January 12, 2014

Richard Swanson
CEO | Business Development Expert | Innovator | Business Mentor | Entrepreneur
“Alex Yamane is a solid developer with excellent communication skills. If you have a software project for either a web or mobile application, I highly recommend you reach out to Alex. Highly recommend.”
January 2, 2014

Neil Cox
Chief Executive Officer at Repio, Inc.
“Alex has been a great asset to Repio. His knowledge of the platform and understanding of the customer experience has gone a long way in delivering a quality product to our customers. Alex’s work has always been delivered on time and he interfaces well with members of our team.”
January 1, 2014

Chris Kerstner
Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer at geo.to
“I have known Alex for close to a decade now and have had nothing but positive outcomes on all projects I delegate to him. Now, I could go rambling on about how intelligent he is, how incredibly adaptive his problem solving skills are or even how mind-numbingly his creative thought process is.”
August 21, 2012