What if nonprofit organizations could share what they truly need with the community? What if the community could engage their social network to fill these needs?

These “what ifs” are the reason for WishListHero.org. The site is a communication portal that unites nonprofit needs and the community. It is a pulpit to give voice to the daily needs and power of the nonprofit sector. It is a tool to be used by the average person, family, scout troupe, sorority, club, school, church, to give back and make a difference. Anyone can be a philanthropist and create change.

WishListHero.org frees nonprofit organizations from their communication silos and addresses the challenges of limited media attention and marketing budgets. We also enable a nonprofit to reach the larger community year round. Donated supplies are powerful and allow nonprofit organizations to fulfill their missions and meet their budgets.

WishListHero.org gives the community a specific and meaningful way to make a direct impact in their community and serve the greatest need. If you knew what someone really needed, wouldn’t you want to help?

WishListHero.org is a community focused on assets, abilities and abundance, not scarcity and powerlessness. WishListHero.org is about sharing resources, sharing need, and sharing the care for our communities. Every donation can make a difference.

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